Special Lot San Myshuno (BAHASA)

halo. setelah world windenburg memperkenalkan area spesial di world nya, maka san myshuno kali ini juga memperkenalkan area spesialnya yang bisa diakses melalui peta. untuk membaca area spesial windenburg kamu bisa melihatnya disini dan disini untuk membaca area tersembunyi yang ada di sims 4.

berbeda dengan windenburg yang memiliki 3 area spesial, san myshuno hanya memiliki 1 lot spesial bernama myshuno meadows. berikut adalah cara mengakses  lot ini :
klik handphone sim kamu dan pilih travel, kemudian pilih san myshuno
klik myshuno meadows

Myshuno Meadows adalah venue central park atau taman pusat di San Myshuno dengan ukuran 64x64. taman ini bisa digunakan untuk perayaan pernikahan atau ulang tahun. selain itu taman ini dikelilingi oleh banyak objek yang bisa digunakan oleh sims untuk berkegiatan sepeti Barnabas Skye's Observatory, Butterfly Gardens, dan banyak lainnya. berikut adalah daftar objek di Myshuno Meadows:

butterfly gardens (taman kupu-kupu)
mini bar sekaligus tempat bermain violin atau gitar
Barnabas Skye's Observatory (teleskop)
tempat memancing dan menangkap kodok
tempat melangsungkan pernikahan dan kembang api
contoh kembang apinya
gazebo, tempat untuk duduk-duduk
bangunan yang didalamnya menyediakan kamar mandi, dapur, ruang makan, dan ruang duduk untuk bersantai

berikut adalah peta detail semua objek di Myshuno Meadows:

selain untuk melakukan beragam kegiatan, disekitar Myshuno Meadows juga tersebar tanda peringatan (plaque). jika kamu sudah membaca semua plaque ini, maka kamu akan berhasil membuka salah satu achievement tersembunyi di sims 4, bernama View All Myshuno Meadows' Sculptures. (baca disini jika kamu ingin melihat daftar lengkap achievements di sims 4). berikut adalah peta letak semua plaque di myshuno meadows:

Berikut adalah penjelasan dari masing-masing plaque:

1. DynaSign Co. Plaque
Raised in memory of the Open Street Act, legislation which allowed communities of all cultures to organize celebrations in the streets. The progressive vision of our founding fathers has allowed generations of residents enjoy the many delights that ‘Festival City’ has to offer. (Plaque donated by DynaSign Co. ‘If it’s in the streets, it’s on our Signs’ (TM))
2. Herring Monument Plaque
This Plaque was erected to mark 150 years of fishery in our fine city. From the humble kedgeree peddlers of the gold rush era to the mighty height of the Canning Industry, the noble Spangled Herring (Clupea Pallasii Fabulousa) has been the slippery, silvery key to the fortunes of this city. As we step into a bold new century, let us not forget the bounty of the sea, nor the piscine origins of our metropolis.
3. Monument to ‘Emperor’ Horton
This monument marks the spot where noted eccentric ‘Emperor’ Horton experienced the cities’ first Death by Pufferfish. (Plaque donated by Stove Makers Against Sushi Association)
4. Myshuno Meadows History Plaque
This Park was once the estate of scientist and herring baron Barnabas Skye. After his mansion was gutted by fire, the fish mogul gifted his extensive gardens to the people on the proviso that his personal Observatory remain standing and free of use to any budding astronomer living in the city. To this day the telescope is maintained and updated by the Barnabassian Scientific Society.
5. Disaster Memorial Plaque
This plaque commemorates the Shirt Factory Meteor Strike And Subsequent Big Lizard Incident that razed the Fashion District to ash. Like a phoenix reborn, the District has risen from this disaster to become an exemplar of regeneration, with award winning modern architecture and a vibrant festival scene.
6. Llama Freedom Movement Plaque
On this spot the Llama Freedom Movement was born. A simple protest, known as the Llamoid Sit-In, shocked the public with its extreme use of acoustic guitars, hair flowers and slightly tuneless singing. Though many years have passed since that day, the spirit of activism remains alive and well, and will continue until all Llamas are free to strut and spit and neck wrestle to their heart’s content. (Plaque paid for by the Llamean Popular People’s Front)
sekian dulu pembahasan saya tentang spesial lot kali ini. mudah-mudahan bermanfaat.


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